Business Planning Skills

When planning business travel, it's necessary to set up an organised business travel plan. A good travel plan is important for the growth and expansion of any business. A plan helps to prevent mistakes and costs associated with travel plans, while at the same time ensuring that all requirements are met when travelling. Here are some tips to help you organise business travel.

- Make travel plans for domestic as well as international travel, as there are differing needs and expectations when going abroad. Arrange accommodation and booking procedures for both domestic and international trips to ensure the correct documentation of the following: evidence of the following: booking and organising travel within time and budgets, making and organising hotel bookings, making and organising flight reservations, proof of travel insurance policies, proof of appropriate accommodation for your clients, proof of medical insurance policies and proof of any other relevant requirements. For additional information about your travel needs, you can visit your travel agent or consult a professional travel insurance provider.

- Plan for the return of work in advance of your business trip so that you have adequate time to pack and organise your belongings. You may want to have more than one item in case your belongings are lost or damaged in transit. If your business trip takes place in an unfamiliar environment, it may be preferable to purchase a business suit. You may also want to consider packing a laptop so you can continue to keep in touch with clients and staff whilst away from your home office. You should also consider taking with you a document that records important documentation such as tax returns or financial statements.

- Plan the location of your business trip carefully. If you have family members or friends living close by you could benefit from being able to travel back and forth between them on an irregular basis. This can be a useful method of working when you're not actually physically present in your clients' homes.

- Don't forget to consider the needs of your children when designing your business travel plans. You don't necessarily need to take your work with you on every trip if you don't have children or if they are too young to drive!

- Particular care needs to account for security issues. You should consider having adequate security equipment available for your children when travelling abroad. You should consider having a copy of your travel insurance policies ready when booking your holiday home trip so that if anything happens to your holiday that you may not have included on your travel insurance plans, you will be able to claim from the insurance company.

- It's also essential that you plan the length of your business trip. It's vital that you allow enough time to get around before leaving home before you leave on your trip and that you arrive at the airport, especially in countries where it can take hours to find public transport.

While travelling with your team is an important part of an organisation, there are some aspects that require your full attention and effort in order to successfully plan the best business travel plan. Ensure that all of these points are covered in your travel plans.

- Check with local businesses if there are any hotel accommodations close to your holiday home, especially if you are flying to your destination. It is also a good idea to check out the prices of car hire in your area when planning for your business travel. If possible, ask whether you can get a discount if you bring your car with you to the holiday destination.

- Arrange for a driver if you can't arrange for a taxi while travelling on a business trip. If you are travelling by plane, make sure that you find out if you can book a driver who is able to operate both your business and personal items. If your vehicle is going to be towed in, ensure that the vehicle insurance covers this service. If the airport does not have a driver who has a clean record, ask about whether the airline is happy to provide a driver who can perform this task.

- In order to ensure that your travel plans are successful, be sure that you take the time to plan ahead. As with many other aspects of a business trip, the success of your business depends upon how well you plan.

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